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Jessie: Weekdays 10am-2pm

Hometown: Wood Dale, IL

Favorite Cat Artists: Rhianna, The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Fall Out Boy, Nick Jonas

Favorite Movies: My Best Friends Wedding, The Notebook (Basically ALL chick flicks)

Favorite TV Shows: Greys Anatomy, New Girl, THE OFFICE!

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling

Favorite Actress: Rachel McAdams

Favorite Foods: Tacos, Burritos, Guacamole (basically anything Mexican!)

Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke

Favorite Quote: "Holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal, you're the one who gets burned!" Ghandi

Favorite Sports Team(s): Blackhawks!

What Did I Do Before Radio: Was about to go to school for Music Education

I Got Into Radio Because: Radio actually found me, and i fell in love with it!

If I Wasn't In Radio I'd Be: A music teacher

My Most Prized Possession is: My family and my DJ Headphones

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Rollerblade, run, hookah, hangout with friends, watch movies, and new Things. I'm a big fan of new things.

DJ Lil Will: Weekdays 2pm-7pm

Hometown: De Soto, IL

Favorite Cat Artists: Eminem, Drizzy, Yeezy, Panic! at the Disco

Favorite Movies: Anchorman. No one can touch Will Ferrell as Ron Burgandy as far as comedy goes. The Big Lebowski and Django Unchained are right behind that.

Favorite TV Shows: Spongebob, South Park, It's Always Sunny and How to Get Away With Murder.

Favorite Actor: Leo DiCaprio hands down.

Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence is pure excellence.

Favorite Foods: Anything Italian, even though there’s no hint of Italian in me whatsoever.

Favorite Drink: People tell me I’m a Coke addict.

Favorite Quote: "If I'm mad, then I'm gonna be mad." - L.R.


Favorite Artist/Group: Eminem

What Song Describes You Best: Meghan Trainor - Me Too. Judge me.

My Name If I Was Famous: I’d like to trademark DJ Lil Will one day!

I Got Into Radio Because: People said I have a face for radio.

What Did I Do Before I Got Into Radio: Service jobs...yuck.

The Worst Job I Ever Had: Busser takes the cake, although I never really hated any of my jobs.

If I Wasn't Doing Radio...I'd Be: Grinding through school and routine jobs…yikes.

My Most Prized Possession: My Bible.

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Reading (Bible, news, blogs, etc.) Otherwise you’ll catch me gaming; most likely on Fallout or a sports game.

Matt: Weeknights 7pm-Midnight


Hometown: Advance, MO

Nickname: Mad Matt, The Adam Bomb

Favorite Mix 96.5 Artists: X Ambassadors, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, Inception

Favorite TV Shows: Blacklist, Suits

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress: Olivia Wilde

Favorite Foods: Imo's Pizza

Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke with no ice

Favorite Quote: "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." - Don Marquis

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Celtics, William College Fighting Purple Cows (Go Cows!)

Favorite Artist/Group: All Time Low, You Me at Six

What Song Describes You Best: Room to Breathe - You Me at Six

I Got Into Radio Because: I like to hear myself talk

What Did I Do Before I Got Into Radio: Went to school

The Worst Job I Ever Had: Working at a retail store

If I Wasn't Doing Radio...I'd Be: Sleeping...a lot...all the time...

My Most Prized Possession: All Time Low drumstick

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Basketball, Concerts, Bowling, Writing

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